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Al Jakh is 'Prince of Poets' finalist

Haneen Dajani


ABU DHABI // The Egyptian revolutionary poet Hesham al Jakh will make it to the final episode of Prince of Poets next week after winning the public vote in the semifinals.

"If we win the title this season, it will be the first season that the audience wins the Prince of Poets title. I'm proud proud of you [the audience]," Mr al Jakh said after his score - 68 per cent - was revealed during the first stage of the final on Wednesday.

The audience responded with the popular Egyptian cheer, in Arabic, "Look, see, Hisham is doing what!"

"You're welcome, you're welcome," responded al Jakh, putting an end to the chant to move into the first part of the episode.

The five finalists were asked to prepare a poem consisting of eight to 10 verses on the greatness of thought versus the beauty of emotion, and which side the poet prioritizes in his life.

Al Jakh moved from the hard-core political verses for which he became famous throughout the show, to describe how the human mind and thought leads to his affection for God's greatness and wisdom, which the jury described as a mature follow-up to the Egyptian revolution.

He started his poem titled "The Two Faces" saying: "With guidance we are given mercy... and our eyes filled with tears at the mention of His majesty and we see the existence of Allah with proof.

"I saw Allah with the vision of a sane person, who is speculating in the creations and the universe.

"Life is like a silver coin, and for everything in this life there are two faces... This life with its heart and brain, it cannot be complete with one without its partner."

Then he went on to the last verse, which drew loud applause from the audience: "Allah is described as the wise out of fear, and out of love we call Him the tender."

Dr Salah Fadel, a jury member, said Mr al Jakh is "a representative of the young men of January 25." The poet stood up and saluted, saying: "Without pride, doctor, without pride."

"The anger of the revolution calmed down in this poem the way it should be. You came back to the correct intellect after you have corrected, along with Egypt's youth, the track of the whole Arab region," Dr Fadel added. "You were correct in two important areas you made the heart and the brain faces of the same coin. And you used loving, religious language to prove your point."

The winner will be announced next Wednesday based on the judges' votes during the final two episodes, which make up 60 per cent of the final score. The public vote accounts for the rest.

The finalists are Mr al Jakh; Muntathar al Mousawi from Oman; Mohammed al Azzam from Jordan; Mohammed Hijazi from Jordan; Najah al Ursan from Iraq; and Abdulaziz al Zera'i from Yemen.



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