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Abu Dhabi burger joint offers freebies to Star Wars crew

The cheeseburger at Hwy 55, Golden Tower Building, Abu Dhabi. Evelyn Lau / The National
The cheeseburger at Hwy 55, Golden Tower Building, Abu Dhabi. Evelyn Lau / The National

HWY 55, the US burger chain that recently opened its first international branch in Abu Dhabi, have joined in the ongoing Star Wars: Episode VII frenzy, offering to cook good old American burgers on set for members of the cast and crew who may be missing a taste of home while they shoot in Abu Dhabi.

The company’s director of communications, Andy Moore, posted the below missive on HWY 55’s Wordpress yesterday:

“Today, we sent this email to the film crew of Star Wars: Episode VII, which is currently filming in Abu Dhabi. We’ll update if we receive a response.

Like every one else in America, we at Hwy. 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries are incredibly excited for the new Star Wars film. We’ve followed every casting update; we’ve read every probably-false rumour. And we want to be a part of the movie somehow, especially after we found out that you’re filming in Abu Dhabi. So here’s what we propose.

Our North Carolina-based restaurant chain – which specialises in fresh burgers and frozen custard – just opened its first international location in Abu Dhabi, just off of Al Muroor Road. It’s an amazing store. We’ve been able to replicate our award-winning burger 7,268 miles away, and people are lining up to try it.

We would love to send the cast and crew, especially those who are missing classic American food, some freshly cooked burgers. We could even grill them just off set; the cost is on us. We’re just excited to be a part of another American classic.

If I’ve reached out to the wrong person, let me know. But we’d absolutely love to help out here. Thanks!”

Unfortunately, the shoot finished at the weekend and the cast and crew have gone home.