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A round-up of this week's best celebrity tweets

LL CoolJ goes self-help; JLo is listening; and Paris has a moment – and then goes back to handbags. And much more, in this week’s round-up of celebrity tweets.

  • "You can succeed. You can reach your goals. Believe. Stay focused. Keep going. Do it!" LLCoolJ, September 22
  • "I just ate a burger, fries and mac n cheese. In ur face fashion week! :)" Kelis, September 22
  • "I love it when fall is in the air, the roses are blooming, snow is on the ground, and the tarmac is squishy from the heat." Steve Martin, September 24
  • "only my dad would text me at 11pm to go get him some 'strong coffee beans' where the hell do i get strong coffee beans at 11pm! & why????" Kelly Osbourne, September 25
  • "India is beautiful, but some parts are very poverty stricken. Broke my heart to see babies sleeping on the streets :(" Paris Hilton, September 26
  • "On set shooting my @PHpurses ad campaign for Brand Concepts. The shoot is going amazing! Love my new collection of bags!" Paris Hilton, September 26
  • "Just seen 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' if you liked Beverly Hills Chihuahua you're gonna love this!!" Alan Carr, September 26
  • "A stalker broke into Madonnas house. Police asked her if anything in the house was stolen. She said you mean apart from the kids?" Jimmy Carr, September 27
  • "a lot of LOVERS ask if i read your tweets... i read them all, and appreciate all the kind words.... just know i see you.. LOTS OF LOVE! -J" JLo, September 27
  • "This is the world's first 3D Tweet! Unfortunately, the device needed to view it properly has yet to be invented." Conan O'Brien, September 27