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A round-up of the best celebrity tweets of the week

Heidi Klum, Morgan Spurlock, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Paulo Coelho, Example, P Diddy, Usher and Dom Joly offer their thoughts.

The director Morgan Spurlock.
The director Morgan Spurlock.

Author Paulo Coehlo has his usual moment of realisation; Heidi Klum goes all out for her famously elaborate Halloween bash; P Diddy spends some time with Wikipedia; and Usher seems easily pleased. All this and more in this week's round up of the best celebrity tweets.

  • "Sitting in our PJs, eating frozen smoothie lollies, watching Charlie & Lola. I have SO rediscovered Saturday mornings." Simon Pegg, October 29
  • "RIP Jimmy Saville My first guest on my first TV Show. A proper British eccentric." Ricky Gervais, October 29
  • "6.2 mile run completed. Got chased by a labrador for about 200 meters which brought some much needed excitement to the whole experience" Example, October 29
  • "If we walk in the streets smiling to people, they think we are crazy" Paulo Coehlo, October 29
  • "Epic 4 days @DohaFilm, thanks for an incredible festival. Hope I can come back soon, but til then, all you Qatari's let your geek flag FLY!" Morgan Spurlock, October 30
  • "Worms from a skull!!! Yum!!! Happy Halloween!!" Heidi Klum, October 30
  • "Halloween Fact - JackOLanterns began in Ireland. They placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits+ghosts on the Samhain holiday" Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, November 1
  • "I see all the Lady Gaga and Nikki costumes. Well for Halloween I was Usher this year!! LMAO 'My Way'" Usher, November 1
  • "Hilary Swank fires manager after he books her to do a lap-dance for Robert Mugabe's 108th birthday bash..." Dom Joly, November 1

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