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27 Dresses

DVD Review Katherine Heigl's bright performance can't diminish the stale plot.

Katherine Heigl makes for an unlikely wallflower in 27 Dresses, a sweet but flimsy film that, for better and for worse, piles on the chick flick clichés like so much wedding cake frosting. The Grey's Anatomy star is (plain) Jane, an idealistic New Yorker who slavishly plans all of her friends' nuptials and has the cupboard full of ugly bridesmaid's dresses to show for it. She's also a bit of a sad sack, harbouring an unrequited crush on her boss (a sleepy Edward Burns), who of course wastes no time falling for Jane's perky, spoilt sister when she comes to town (guess who will plan their wedding?). Meanwhile, an uber-cynical nuptials columnist (James Marsden, acting with his teeth) witnesses the eternal bridesmaid on a busy wedding night and spies a great story. Cue cute frock montage and Benny and the Jets karaoke duet. It's not hard to guess where the bouquet will fall. The appealing Heigl charms her way through this oddly retro concoction, although she alone can't diminish the taste of stale plot. The real scene stealer is Judy Greer, who tackles the obligatory quirky/wise best friend role with deadpan finesse.