x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Are you reckless?

A young man's memorial for his sister who was killed in a car accident in Ras al Khaimah asks one question: are you reckless?

On her last day at university, a 22-year-old fashion and design student was killed in a car accident at a U-turn in Ras al Khaimah.

As reported today, her brother, Mohd Shahnawaz, has named the Suraya Foundation after her. He turned his grief into action by establishing a foundation dedicated to promoting traffic safety awareness.

In the months following Suraya's death, he scripted three radio advertisements in Arabic, English and Hindi and appealed to friends at Murdoch University to produce them.

Twenty students auditioned to do the voices in the ads. In one, a man urges his friend to push his new car to the limits on the highway; in another, a husband rushing to work is too engrossed in conversation with his wife to pay attention to the road.

All end in tragedy - the type of story well known by many who have had friends maimed or killed in traffic accidents. The radio dramas target an audience between 18 and 30.

They ask their radio listeners a question that pertains to newspaper readers too: Are you reckless?