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Applause for a role model

A reader is inspired by the attitude of cricketer Hashim Amla, both on and off the pitch. Other letter topics: China, Dubai's rental scam and London's proposed property tax.

A reader praises South Africa's Hashim Amla for his prowess as a cricketer and for his modesty. Dave Hunt / EPA
A reader praises South Africa's Hashim Amla for his prowess as a cricketer and for his modesty. Dave Hunt / EPA

Agents should share blame for sub-letting scam

In reference to Rental scam victims are evicted (November 11), what will happent to the real estate agents who rented properties to Shamyana?

Surely they are liable for checking that they rented the properties to good and honest clients.

I know of one international estate agency that rented out countless properties to Shamyana on the proviso that the housing was for Shamyana staff.

Why did the agent not think it odd that a company that nobody had heard, and didn't even have a proper company website, could employ 300 staff?

It's always the little person who loses out in these cases.

E Baxter, Dubai

Thanks to police who located car

I would like to congratulate and thank the policemen of the Abu Dhabi Police Mina station.

I am from Dubai and I was in Abu Dhabi temporarily, working at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair.

On Friday morning, I was not able to locate my car which I had parked overnight near where I was staying.

My orientation in the capital is hopeless, so after a long search without finding my car, I decided to seek the help of the police.

They were just so helpful. They located the car in no time even though I could not supply the licence number, since I can never remember it and the registration papers were in the car.

I had only a photo to show them, but they found it for me. I can't thank them enough.

Teresa Godlewska, Dubai

Amla a top player and a role model

In reference to A Test to see if their mettle is really steel (November 9), it was wonderful to see another century by South Africa's Hashim Amla, and sad to see the ordinary LBW decision on which he was dismissed.

As an Australian, I think he's a delight to watch, whether it's his superb wristy batting or his wonderful attitude and presence on the field. A number of my countrymen could learn from him.

In late March, I was fortunate enough to fly to South Africa for a wedding and a fortnight of travels. The South African cricketers were returning on the same flight after their tour of New Zealand.

I was fortunate to be able to say a quick thank you to Amla while collecting my luggage from the carousel at Johannesburg airport. His modesty is a fantastic virtue.

R Webber, Australia

Ready to dive into uncharted waters

Whatever floats your boat, it's here (November 9), about the pre-owned boat show in Dubai, was enjoyable to read.

I have never owned a boat, but the longer I'm in the UAE, the more I think about it. The sparkling Gulf waters certainly are tempting.

Peter Armstrong, Dubai

Fancy owning a football club?

Regarding Oviedo's financial blues (November 8), I am a Real Oviedo fan; my grandfather and father were too.

Please help us. Oviedo is a great city. American filmmaker Woody Allen fell in love when he visited us, and years later he made a movie in the region.

Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, a Real Oviedo supporter, was born here.

If anybody has the money and wants to be the part-owner of a historical European and Spanish club with great supporters, they can buy shares for €11 (Dh51).

Please, let us to return to the Champions League, as Malaga did.

Pepe Balo, Spain

Tax would protect London buyers

I am writing about 'Mansion tax' set to hit Gulf buyers in London (November 9)

There are only three bodies that want wealthy foreigners to be able to buy London property, and they are: the government, because of the taxes; the real estate agents; and the sellers.

Ninety-nine per cent of the general population would much prefer it if wealthy foreigners did not buy in London, as all that does is price the locals out of the market.

If taxes are levied on properties purchased by foreigners, prices will be kept down.

F Khan, UK

China's corruption battle benefits all

China warned of corruption peril (November 9) is an important story for all of us, wherever we live.

China has the world's biggest economy and what happens there matters to the rest of the world.

If the country's new leadership can eliminate or at least minimise corruption, we will all benefit in the long run.

P Mack, Abu Dhabi