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All-girl band in demand

Readers are keen to see and hear the all-female Emirati band Random Starts. Other topics: water wastage, food labelling and cricket.

Readers want to see and hear more of all-female Emirati rock group Random Starts. Courtesy Patreshia Tkach
Readers want to see and hear more of all-female Emirati rock group Random Starts. Courtesy Patreshia Tkach

Standard labelling would help avoid food confusion

I think it is time for the UAE to consider standardising its food-labelling regulations.

At the moment, there is no simple way of knowing whether food is vegetarian or halal.

In my home country, food packages carry simple symbols to indicate such things.

Here in the UAE, I find myself asking a lot ofquestions: for example, if a food contains pure beef gelatin, is it halal?

This is particularly important when it comes to biscuits, fruit yogurts and confectionery.

I hope this can be discussed further with a view to implementing relevant laws.

Almas Khan, Dubai

Owners set the rules at cinemas

I am writing in reference to Make no noise at cinema, please (May 22).

The problem with the basic premise of the original blog post referred to, Hate mobile phones at the movies? Then stay Home, Alone (May 2), is that the cinema isn't a public space.

It is a private space which the public pay to use. Any member of the public who uses this private space agrees to the terms and conditions set out by the owner.

These conditions are focused on ensuring that the people who have bought tickets enjoy the experience they believe they have paid to get.

Most of us expect that the cinema owner will provide an environment that is suitable for watching a movie.

This includes the expectation that the people around us will keep their feet off the seats and switch off their mobile phones.

Name withheld by request

I haven't been to the cinema for many years because of the noise and ridiculous cost. Instead, I've bought my own large-screen television and surround-sound system.

The blog article, and some of the responses to it, have endorsed my decision to make this investment.

I will definitely not be going to the cinema now. Instead, I will enjoy a cinema-quality experience at home in a respectful, quiet environment that allows me to concentrate on the film, and have the food and drink of my choice at low cost.

S Williams, Dubai

Nobody to stop water wastage

I am a guard with an Abu Dhabi security company, and I often see cases of water wastage through leaking taps in washrooms, kitchens, toilets and other places.

Sometimes it can take up to a week before a plumber is available to stop the water running - especially in remote labour camps. MA Malik, Abu Dhabi


Playing soon at a venue near you?

The article about the all-female Emirati band, It's only rock'n'roll (but they like it) (May 22), was very interesting.

Good for them. Does this mean they'll be playing in local venues? C Murphy, Dubai


I want to hear this band play. Do they have a video? P Gerhard, Doha

Between a Rock and a hard place

Hopes to take a bite of Uefa pie (May 19) notes that the military pitch at Europa Point in Gibraltar has hosted cricket and rugby.

The ground still does host cricket - in fact, it is the only ground currently available to cricketers on the Rock.

Gibraltar Cricket is an associate member of the ICC, holding the same status as the UAE.

However, if it has no ground to play on, there is a strong possibility that Gibraltar will lose its membership of the global governing body, and the sport of cricket will probably disappear from the territory.

R Brooks, Gibraltar

Mental illness can be well managed

I was interested to read Asmaa Al Hameli's blog post, Seeing a psychiatrist does not mean you are insane (May 8).

It really helps if you realise that mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Some chemicals either aren't produced or don't work properly.

In other words, it is a physical issue with your brain and you should treat it with medicine, just as you would take insulin if you were a diabetic.

If mental illness is properly treated, the quality of life of the patient and his or her family can improve dramatically.

L Zimmerman, Abu Dhabi

Dancers let down by poor seating

I am writing in response to Kevin Hackett's comments in the blog post, Review: Swan Lake ballet in Dubai (May 15).

The seating - constructed from steel scaffolding - was not acceptable for a production by the Royal Moscow Ballet.

The dancing was immaculate but the venue, set-up and seating arrangements really let this performance down.

L Crow, Dubai