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Adventure beckons father and son

A reader says Joe Thompson, the British boy stuck in the UAE because he is afraid to fly, could have a wonderful overland adventure with his dad, Tony. Other letter topics: the value of education and Mitt Romney's missteps.
Readers wish Joe Thompson, who is afraid of flying, and his father Tony well. Christopher Pike / The National
Readers wish Joe Thompson, who is afraid of flying, and his father Tony well. Christopher Pike / The National

Although it is the major telecommunications service provider in the UAE, Etisalat still falls short when it comes to providing good customer service.

At Abu Dhabi Airport, the location of the only Etisalat payment machine is unknown even to many of the airport staff. The plight of a visitor can be imagined.

When I tried to deposit money in the machine recently, it would not accept any notes.

When I called the Etisalat contact centre to report this error, I failed to convince the operator about the importance of this issue.

He wanted to have the machine's ID number, which was not displayed.

I told him the machine's location - it is just in front of the Etihad and NBAD offices on the mezzanine floor - but he was adamant about getting this number so he could log the complaint.

I wonder whether the machine was finally repaired.

Considering the value of Etisalat's reach and its prominence in this country, I think it should have a customer support and sales counter at the airport arrivals terminal.

This is especially significant as the airport will be the gateway for all the visitors arriving for the new season of international events, including the Formula One race.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Same old song from Romney

I am writing about Romney's campaign stop in Jerusalem (July 30).

It's quite sad the whole world has not moved from the colonial period. The forces controlling every nation are the ones installed by military might.

Mohammad Fuad Mustafa, Abu Dhabi

We need to look at the true context of the comments Mr Romney made while he was in Israel.

He was speaking not to Israelis but to potential voters back home in America. Charles Bryant, Abu Dhabi


Mr Romney has not uttered one word about Israel's weapons of mass destruction, which numbered up to 200 nuclear warheads in 1986, nor has he mentioned Israel's separation wall. Eileen Fleming, US

Education helps build tomorrow

I cannot agree more with University rejections send a message of personal responsibility (July 31).

Just as Aida Al Busaidy says, "nothing is free; everything should be earned".

I also believe children should be taught to treat each moment in life as a precious gift, and to make responsible choices.

This will make the quality of life we lead tomorrow a lot better than it is today.

We should teach each child that the responsibility of building a great future has fallen on his or her shoulders and that education is a training ground for the role.

Fountain Abanil, Dubai

Adventure calls father and son

Regarding Boy who can't fly misses the boat home (July 31), the best way for them to go is to drive back, on a ferry to Iran, through that country to Turkey and then into Europe.

It would be an epic father-son trip for Joe and Tony Thompson that would be well worth the money. It would possibly take as Adventumuch time as by boat from the Gulf.

Ronald Balit, Dubai

I am writing to express my sympathies for the Thompson family.

I am visiting Dubai with my family at the moment, but we brought our three children up in Dubai and left several years ago to return to the UK.

This situation that Joe and his family are facing could happen to anyone at anytime; they now find themselves at the mercy of others.

I wish them the best of luck and hope that with The National and other media highlighting their dilemma, it will galvanise help to reunite them with the rest of their family. Dawn Tait, UK


Women athletes are true heroes


Regarding your editorial, Brave Saudi athletes (July 31), of course they should not face abuse.

These men need to learn about our female ancestors and how they were fighting in wars shoulder to shoulder with men.

They were not being called names, instead they were recognised as heroes.

So, whatever claims they have against these women, it's only a reflection of their lack of self-esteem. M Salem, Dubai


Syria cartoon is worth passing on


Shadi Ghanim's cartoon about Russia and China's attitude to the events in Aleppo (July 31) was a good one.

I will be sharing it on Facebook. Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

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