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Actresses speak up for themselves

A reader applauds Anne Hathaway and other stars for fighting back against trivial questions from interviewers. Other letter topics: the "private club" at Jumeirah Beach Residence, child restraints in cars, football and red tape.

A reader praises The Dark Knight Rises star Anne Hathaway for her stance on silly questions. Ron Phillips / Warner Bros
A reader praises The Dark Knight Rises star Anne Hathaway for her stance on silly questions. Ron Phillips / Warner Bros

No promises were made or broken over beach club

I am writing in response to the ongoing reporting of the latest development plans in Dubai (Anger over private beach club, September 2).

I purchased my apartment at Jumeirah Beach Residence in 2003 and I was never promised access to a beach club for free, nor was I told that it would be included in my service charge.

How could residents of JBR sue the developer, Dubai Property Group, for something that was "promised" and not written in a contract?

What a ridiculous attitude.

Dorothy Wiseman, Dubai


Actresses speak for themselves

I applaud Anne Hathaway and the other actresses mentioned in Fed up with all the fluff (September 4), who have fought back against inane questions from the media.

I have always suspected that most film journalists are usually far less intelligent that the actresses they interview.

S Mallick, Sharjah

Too much focus on just one boy

I do not understand why the story about the "fear-of-flying boy" (This is your captain … I'm afraid of flying, September 3) is regarded as being so important.

I don't understand that The National thinks it is so significant that it has been covered six times.

There are more important things happening in the world than for us to be constantly hearing about one boy. I know that other people agree with me on this.

Maybe one of your online poll questions should be: "How ridiculous is this story?"

Salem Al Qassimi, Abu Dhabi


Restraints are a matter of safety


Child car restraint efforts renewed (September 4) refers to an overdue initiative.

Since moving to UAE, I have been surprised to see so many children not even in a seat while their parents are using seat belts.

A child is much more at risk even from a small car accident than his or her parents.

A Morup, Dubai

Education is required on this issue. Putting an advertisement on the radio or in a newspaper is not going to reach the people who need education.

I think there should be live "roadshows" at petrol stations and in public places.

Stage two could involve pulling over cars where children are standing or sitting on parents' laps, and explaining to the drivers the dangers of such practices.

James Magee, Dubai

I was horrified the other day to see a child scramble from the front seat to the back seat of a car, while the vehicle was in motion.

How on earth could the parents or guardians of this child not understand how dangerous that activity is?

Charles Bryant, Abu Dhabi

Why young Turks want to go home

In reference to German Turks no longer feel welcome (August 31), Turkish people who came to western Europe as guest workers did not need to integrate as they were expected to go back home once their work contracts finished.

Instead, many became permanent residents and started to bring their families over from Turkey.

Many do not speak the language or care to learn the language and customs of the country in which they live.

They simply chose Germany for work purposes, not for an interest in the country or its culture.

Now, Turkey is doing very well economically. It's not strange that many young, educated second-or-third-generation Turks want to go to work and live in Turkey.

Rob B, Dubai

Liverpool fans need patience

I am writing in response to your sport story, Liverpool prisoners to legacy of Dalglish (September 4).

By taking a solitary point in their first three games, Liverpool made their worst start to a season since 1962/63, manager Bill Shankly's first season in the top flight.

From memory, "Shanks" was the best of Liverpool's managers, so if current manager Brendan Rodgers starts and continues as Shankly did, I suggest Liverpool fans show some patience.

Robin Lawson, UK

Cutting red tape a welcome initiative

While it does not affect me, I was pleased to read Exit clearance pilot makes travel easier for Filipinos (September 4).

The fact that they no longer have to apply for clearance each time they go on holiday must be a relief for those involved.

I only wish there were more instances of red tape being cut. Joan Ryan, Dubai