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Abu Dhabi has lots to offer

A reader appreciates the attractions of the UAE capital: Other topics: medicines, winter, EU visas, road safety and donkey meat.

A reader says the Emirates Palace is one of the best reasons to live in Abu Dhabi. Ryan Carter / The National
A reader says the Emirates Palace is one of the best reasons to live in Abu Dhabi. Ryan Carter / The National

Moves to make drugs available are welcome

50 drugs blamed for high cost of health care (February 10) was very informative.

The disclosure by the health insurer Daman that some essential drugs carry high price tags rings an alarm bell.

Some of these medicines are prescribed to people suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

But at least the government has looked into the issue and is making an effort to make the drugs available to the larger population of the UAE.

That gives us hope.

K Ragavan, India

Abu Dhabi has lots to offer its visitors

In reference to Hotel luxury on a budget in the capital (February 7), I love Abu Dhabi.

The capital is much calmer than Dubai, it is not congested (with traffic or too many buildings), and there is a lot to do.

The Corniche is amazing, as are the shopping malls, the restaurants, beaches and souqs. I love the Emirates Palace and the iconic houses.

You can cycle in many places, or walk and breathe in fresh air. I also like the people; they are just amazing.

The difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is like the difference between Las Vegas and Munich.

There is no comparison.

Brigette von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Wrong view on young soldiers

In Syria's rebel boy soldiers (February 7), former soldier Abdel Razzaq is quoted as saying: "Children are the best soldiers I know. They obey every command. An adult asks questions and answers back. But the children, they question nothing."

I believe that that rationale is sick and wrong.

Charles Dennis, US

Either way, we're eating animals

Horse meat found in meals 'may be donkey' (February 12) is no surprise.

Millions of horses and donkeys are slaughtered worldwide for meat. And so are cows, lambs and chickens.

If it bothers you, it's better not to eat any animals.

S Reis, Abu Dhabi

Citizens deserve visa-free status

Regarding EU debates visa-free travel for UAE citizens (February 11), one of the reasons I left the UK for a new life in Dubai was my disgust at the way the EU works.

It is now easier for Bulgarians and Romanians to move around Europe, and the EU needs to wise up and allow Europe's good friends in the UAE visa-free travel.

Emiratis will not be a drain on Europe, they will add value to the economy. A Godfrey, Dubai


US-Iran nuclear talks are unlikely

I am writing in reference to US must change before Iran will enter direct nuclear talks, says Ahmadinejad (February 11).

I don't think the US will try to "talk" with Iran.

Based on past history talking has never worked between the US and Iran.

Teri Adams, Dubai

Awareness is the key to road safety

As They hoped for the best but dreaded the truth (February 5) shows, dangerous driving is killing and maiming lots of people in UAE.

The only way to decrease the road toll is to spread awareness.

A Mathews, Dubai

Cold comfort in morning exercise

I am writing in reference to Deborah Williams' opinion article Cookies, cobwebs and a very February state of mind (February 10).

I despise winter; I absolutely abhor the cold and darkness. But, I love to walk - and doing so can create such an immediate difference in my mood that I'll do it even when it's cold.

I have found myself on weekend mornings rising before even my first child wakes up, to have a walk.

A few minutes' peace before the whole family is up and demanding my attention works wonders.

What I love most about Ms Williams' story is the absolute inclusion: the automatic coming together of people, not just women, of varying backgrounds over coffee and cookies.

Life really doesn't have to be much different from that.

A Herndon, US