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A time to give something back to those deserving

It's the holiday season and a time for reflection on the NHL season.

It's the holiday season and a time for reflection. Time to take stock of the naughty and nice in the NHL, and give a little something to those who deserve it.

Sidney Crosby: Two aspirin, dark sunglasses, bubble-wrap and two more aspirin.

Chris Pronger: One more season, free from injury and the ravages of age.

Alex Ovechkin: Goals, fun and enthusiasm, which have gone missing from his game in the past year or so. Let's hope that Pronger's Hall of Fame career doesn't end this season with an inglorious concussion.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Mercy for the meek.

Eric Staal: To wake up and realise the first half of his 2011/12 season was just an awful dream.

Los Angeles Kings: An answer to the puzzle that is their team. They have all the pieces: scoring stars, blue-line studs and top-notch goaltending. Now they've just got to put it together.

Ryan Miller: A force field to prevent mean people like Boston's Milan Lucic and Nashville's Jordin Tootoo from running into the Sabres stopper.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: The ability to stay forever young and infinitely promising.

Vancouver Canucks: Maybe one more win than they ended with last season.

Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr: A peace accord, as the NHL commissioner and players' union boss begin the process of negotiating a new contract.