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A terrible affront to the dignity of two young lions

Other letters to the editor comment on Etisalat customer service, investor challenges and Saudi Arabia's driving ban for women.

A reader condemns the treatment of a young captive lion that required surgery to repair its damaged teeth. Sammy Dallal / The National
A reader condemns the treatment of a young captive lion that required surgery to repair its damaged teeth. Sammy Dallal / The National

The news article Savage acts on noble beasts (May 29) reported on two captive lions whose claws were removed and teeth filed down. Lions, cheetahs, monkeys, bears and the like are not meant to be kept as pets. It is dangerous for both the humans and the animals to do so.

What is more upsetting to me is that the Prophet Mohammed taught us to be kind to animals and treat them well. Whether these animals are companions, as he had a pet cat himself, or are meant for work like his camel, or are meant to be eaten as the sheep slaughtered for Eid al Adha, they deserve to live with dignity. Removing the claws and filing down the canine teeth of a lion is not treating it well or allowing it to live with dignity.

Jennifer Fisher, Abu Dhabi

How to avoid an unwanted service

This is in response to the letter to the editor Confusion in billing records (May 29) in which Diane M complained about being charged for an Etisalat eLife service she did not sign up for. Last week, I sent this letter to Etisalat:

"I received a telephone call from an Etisalat customer service representative who informed me that my Al Shamil internet service would be 'closing'. She said I had the choice of signing up for one of two eLife plans. After questioning her further and not being satisfied with her responses, I asked to speak with a manager. I was told a manager would call me back. I am still waiting for the manager to call me.

"I absolutely do not want the eLife plans. I do not use the television service because my family and I do not watch television. We are satisfied with the internet service we are presently receiving and do not want to change. I especially do not want to pay Dh299, when I am presently paying Dh189, for service that I do not want and do not need. I insist that a manager call me and sort this out."

This is the response I received:

"Thank you for contacting Etisalat Customer Care Centre.

"Further to your e-mail, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that happened. Regarding the subscription of the eLife service, it is not mandatory to migrate to eLife. If you still want use the Al Shamil you can use it without any issue."

Diane M and all the other Etisalat customers should call 101 or head down to their nearest Etisalat branch and get the service back that they want. Only if we customers stand together and demand our rights will Etisalat change its behaviour.

RB, Abu Dhabi

Torch buyers air their complaints

I refer to the business article Torch buyers upset at changes (May 24). As investors in the Torch, we would like to say how happy we originally were to get the opportunity to invest in the beautiful emirate of Dubai. However, due to the activities of Select Group, this happiness has turned into a nightmare.

We have experienced a three-year delay which was actually caused by design changes initiated by the developer. When we tried to obtain a refund of our funds paid under the terms of our contract, Select Group used the defence of "force majeure" to negate such claims. We were told we could cancel our contract but were entitled to none of our money back.

We thought that eventually once the building was complete our problems would ease. How wrong we were.

Instead Select Group demanded that we sign addendums that have never before been mentioned that dilute our rights. They have also demanded excessive service charges.

We feel bullied by Select Group. This is very sad for Dubai's improving economy. If developers are allowed to get away with treating investors in this manner, we fear for Dubai's still fragile real estate reputation overseas.

Sue Elleray, Dubai

The first time I visited Dubai, I fell in love with the place. The exotic culture, the landscape and the class. So we bought an apartment in the Torch. After five years of making quarterly payments and waiting as patient purchasers (as the development is nearly three years late), our dream home has become an overnight nightmare.

The management requires all buyers to sign one or two addendums. These were never part of the purchase contract. Both addendums contain unreasonable conditions. If buyers refuse to sign, the management will not hand over their apartment to them. This also applies to people who have been making stage payments and have only 10 per cent left to pay.

TG, Dubai

Real men must defend women

I refer to Saudi police halt protest over car ban on woman (May 23). The real men in Saudi Arabia must stand up to the old reactionaries and say "no" - no more child weddings, no more "honour" killings - and demand that women, their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters receive the same basic freedoms and dignity as do men.

Zebulon von Jager, Abu Dhabi