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A team-mate for Hello Kitty?

A reader conceptualizes the new character planned by Sanrio, the company behind the Hello Kitty phenomenon. Other letters deal with the Mumbai bombs, the origin of certain rockets, bottled water in restaurants, and Harry Potter fans.

The company behind the Hello Kitty marketing juggernaut is now looking around for another character. A reader explains his suspicion about the target audience. Nicole Hill / The National
The company behind the Hello Kitty marketing juggernaut is now looking around for another character. A reader explains his suspicion about the target audience. Nicole Hill / The National

Mumbai has been targeted repeatedly by terrorists because it is the commercial capital of India (20 dead in Mumbai terror attack, July 14). Terrorists who strike the city are assured of global exposure. It is a shame that innocent citizens are mauled to settle political and ideological scores.

The common citizens of Mumbai will bounce back and get to work. There will be commentaries praising their fighting spirit. In reality, they need their salaries but are frustrated with the government's performance in managing terrorist attacks. But what can they do?

India needs to develop sophisticated helicopter ambulance systems that can be deployed within minutes. It is horrible to see pictures of injured people, bleeding, being carried in ordinary vans.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

I recently attended the World Culture Festival in Berlin, along with 50,000 people from 151 countries, gathered to celebrate the diversity of religion and to promote harmony and peace everywhere.

It was so overwhelming to watch everyone - Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and many others - dancing and singing together "One world - One family - Vasudev Kutumbkam" and then praying and meditating for peace.

Then came yesterday's attacks. in Mumbai. However, let us not lose hope and continue to work towards promoting peace and harmony. Peace must prevail.

Arun Kumar, Sharjah

The attack on the Indian commercial capital was not only tragic but also condemnable.

In 2008, the people of Mumbai suffered from an attack by Islamist militants, and now they have to suffer from a second deadly attack.

I pray for the victims and for the speedy recovery of the injured.

K Ragavan, India

Regulations must be enforced

Thank you for your editorial Crane accident was avoidable danger (July 14). You are correct to say that regulations which are not enforced are not worth the paper they're written on. This is true not only in construction safety but in every aspect of government.

Tamsin Temple, Dubai

Who's responsible for the rockets?

I refer to the article US Shows evidence in Iraq rocket attacks it says leads to Iran (July 14). What the United States showed was not evidence.

These claims appear to be based on speculation. They just looked at the device and said "it must have been built in Iran," because they presume that the Iraqis are incapable of building such devices themselves.

Name withheld by request

Boys may be next marketing target

Your story Seeking company for Kitty (July 14) said the makers of the ubiquitous Hello Kitty brand are looking for another character to market just as relentlessly. But they want one that won't compete, they say, with their spectacularly successful stylised kitten character. I predict that this means boys.

My little daughters' lives are already saturated with Hello Kitty everything. I'm guessing the next character will appeal to the other gender. Parents of boys, beware!

Edgar Chan, Dubai

Potter franchise loses its charm

In reference to the article Potty over Potter (July 14), I am surprised by the fact that people who are more or less adults are dressing up and getting excited about yet another Harry Potter movie.

Surely those who have grown up with the series have outgrown it, haven't they? And in my opinion the latest couple of movies have lost the childish charm of the books and turned a lot darker, so that they're not really suitable for younger children, but are still too juvenile for adults.

Thomas Brown, Dubai

More than just a bottle of water

In reference to Readers criticise restaurants' prices for bottled water (July 12), I think most readers who are complaining are missing the point: the price of a bottled water reflects a restaurant's overall costs and not just the cost of the bottle.

When you pay for an item at a restaurant, you are essentially paying for the rent of the chair, table, and the restaurant itself. You're also paying for the salaries of the people who purchased, managed, and served you the bottle, cleaned the glasses you are using, cleaned the toilets, and managed the outlet.

Therefore the price of a bottled water or any other item served at a restaurant reflects the quality of the experience you are getting. If you feel that it is not a fair value, you can simply choose to go somewhere else.

You don't go to a restaurant to quench your thirst. You go there for a social experience.

Hamad Bachi, Abu Dhabi