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A rush to judgment

A reader is surprised that Israel is so sure, so fast, about who attacked its diplomats. Other letter topics include hotel price wars, the future of Arabic, peak oil and Noel Gallagher.

After the bomb attacks in Bangkok this week, one reader says that Israel is obviously duplicitous. Sakchai Lalit / AP
After the bomb attacks in Bangkok this week, one reader says that Israel is obviously duplicitous. Sakchai Lalit / AP

In the eyes of the consumer this appears to be competition at work (Hotel price wars 'bad for business' in Abu Dhabi, February 15). Like all tourists, we look for ways to reduce our costs - from the price of airline tickets to accommodation.

Usually accommodation amounts to much of the cost so naturally we are looking for the best deals. I agree that a five-star hotel should not compete in price with a three-star. But I am all for competition among the five-star hotels. However, I think the hotel managers have their objectives mixed up. Rather than filling rooms at the expense of revenues, they should be focusing on providing value for money.

The consumer today is demanding more and more value for their money. We don't mind paying the extra cost, but the hotel must ensure that they maximise the value. Similar to the airline industry, hotels must look for ways of providing added-value service.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

No point denying oil is running out

It always amuses me when someone working or consulting for an energy company tries to dispute the peak oil theory (Flawed views on peak oil rear their ugly heads again, February 14).

The reserves are finite, no matter how many times you spin this around with the advancement of new technology.

GA, Abu Dhabi

War-mongering is losing its sting

In the news story Israel and Iran's 'secret war' may be a secret no more (February 15), Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, said "Iran and Hizbollah were determined ... to act against Israelis in every place in the world". Such a prelude to war stated by Israel no longer has the sting of yesteryear.

I find it amazing how anyone can find evidence of guilt within 24 hours. More so in the pre-emptive exercises Israel and, to a lesser extent the US, have been waging to enact regime change and therefore enact new business contracts in Iran. In 1945, the US State Department declared the Iranian resources "a stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history".

And it appears nothing should get in the way of "manifest destiny" - not even countless, unending wars that extract blood not the colour of red but, rather, of black crude.

Rayed Darwish, Abu Dhabi

Demise of Arabic being overplayed

In response to Ahmad Al Issa's Arabic must be the focus in pursuit of 'true' bilingualism (February 9), I think that there might be some misunderstandings as to the extent and usage of English in the UAE schools.

At the primary and secondary level, Arabic is, and has always been, the primary language. Arabic is the language of instruction and communication among all stakeholders in the schools (teachers, students and parents). If we were to examine the UAE government schools, we would see schools where almost all of the communication takes place in Arabic. The exception is English classes at the schools. Perhaps the story is referring to the use of language at some of the UAE's universities.

English is the stated language of instruction at some universities. But in the public schools, Arabic still retains its place as the lingua franca. Even with Abu Dhabi's Adec New School Model, their goal of effective bilingual education (Arabic/English) has yet to be reached. English plays a minimal role in even these schools.

In fact the use of English is downplayed, even shunned, in many schools.

Name withheld by request

Gallagher had no respect for dead

Noel Gallagher has no respect for death (Are you sad for Whitney? Or just pretending to your friends?, February 15).

He insulted Michael Jackson when he died, he even wished a party for the death of Margaret Thatcher, etc. He said "people wouldn't visit their grandmothers' graves" because he wouldn't.

Marco Nelson, Abu Dhabi

New Sky channel is much awaited

It was great reading about the new Arabic channel that is set to be launched out of Abu Dhabi later this year (Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed invests in Arabic Sky News, November 29).

When I first came to live in London, staff at the hotel where I worked introduced me to a decoder which broadcast a number of Arab channels.

Now, many years later, I have one in my house and have access to all the Arabic and North African channels that are shown here.

I can't wait for this latest addition to the channel list.

Heena Patel, UK


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