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A reader comments on alternative acts to Snoop Dogg

Readers also comment the trouble with Mawaqif parking, Pakistan's security issues and fearsome jet-skiers

A reader objects to the Snoop Dogg concert, saying Arab artists like Zain Bhikha would be more appropriate given the social and cultural sensitivities of the region.
A reader objects to the Snoop Dogg concert, saying Arab artists like Zain Bhikha would be more appropriate given the social and cultural sensitivities of the region.

In the article titled US rapper Snoop Dogg gets down in the desert (May 7), the reporters praise the artist for "staying true to form" and claims that despite his bad language, the artist did not disappoint the thousands of fans who bought tickets for the Yas Arena event.

I wonder whether the reporters ever heard or understood the "poetic" lyrics of some of the so-called best-known tracks by the rapper. Snoop Dogg's presence in Abu Dhabi was a disgrace to Arab and Islamic values.

Ever heard of Zain Bhikha? Or Ahmed Bukhatir (who is an Emirati, by the way)?

They are among the "most wanted" men in the world. Don't get me wrong, I mean that the likes of them are much needed in today's society.

In a world where most songs you hear whine about you or your love, your loneliness or your unhappiness, feeding the mind and soul with little, these songs refresh the heart and bring about contentment of soul through satisfaction with what you have - a quality our world sadly lacks.

If our youth were to choose such songs in their iPods instead of rap, we can all hope for a beautiful tomorrow.

Wardah MK, Abu Dhabi

Pakistan has many security problems

In reference to James Zogby's comment article A bungled PR job keeps the bin Laden controversy alive (May 8), Mr Zogby has very rightly pointed out all the scenarios and situations that Pakistan and the US face.

The difference between the two countries is vital to this debate. The US on the one hand has to justify the wars it fought for 10 years, along with a shattered economy, to find the man they had been searching for over the past decade.

On the other hand, Pakistan has so many other issues to deal with. The fact that bin Laden was living in close proximity to the Pakistani military academy shows the lack of priority for bin Laden on the Pakistan army front.

The army has been dealing with a whole lot of other issuesm, such as the internal insurgency, growing extremism, political unrest and suicide bombings. Pakistan has too many problems to tackle. Hence bin Laden's whereabouts was the least of its concerns.

Zahra Khan, Dubai

Market needs parking space

In reference to the letter to the editor Mawaqif system is doing more harm than good (May 5), Mawaqif has totally destroyed the area around the New Central Market (E-1). Who in their right mind would want to come to an area that is as difficult to navigate as Mussafah?

The market's developer needs to offer residents a cost-effective parking solution if they want the market to function.

Simon S, Abu Dhabi

Misidentified complainers

I refer to the letter to the editor All that is required is respect (May 9), which rebuked non-Muslim expatriates for complaining about the volume of a mosque's call to prayer.

It clearly states in the article Fresh check on volume of mosque's prayer call (May 8) that all but one of the complaints to the imam came from Muslims.

Peter Jenkins, Dubai

Jet skiers play a dangerous game

I refer to the letter to the editor Jet skis are a public menace (May 10). I live in Dubai Marina and go to the beach every weekend. I have observed many times irresponsible jet skiers playing a dangerous game. The rule: go as fast as possible to approach swimmers and then turn violently. The goal is to splash and frighten the swimmers. Funny, isn't it?

They try to do the same on the Marina lake near the shopping mall, to splash the pedestrians on the walkway.

I can't understand why those fast and dangerous jet craft are not simply forbidden in this part of Dubai.

Do we have to wait for another accident to do something?

Eddie Lohse, Dubai

The authorities should immediately put in place a system that issues those who want to drive a jet ski with a licence to drive.

Also, jet skis should be registered and carry a licence plate just like cars.

Basel Shouly, Abu Dhabi

Workers put at a disadvantage

Companies open bank accounts to transfer salaries to their employees. The bank wants the employee to maintain a minimum balance of Dh 5,000 or so. Imagine an employee whose salary is less than Dh5,000. He is expected to leave that for the bank, or otherwise pay a charge per month for not maintaining a minimum balance. What a Catch-22.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai