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A man's place is in the classroom

What this country needs is more male teachers, a letter-writer says. Other topics today: the PA and the UN, health care, friendship, vocational education and property fraud.

A reader comments that Ahmed Al Maamari is a role model for other male teachers. Ravindranath K / The National
A reader comments that Ahmed Al Maamari is a role model for other male teachers. Ravindranath K / The National

It’s what’s inside that should matter most to friends

Great article ('Wish you were here' ... but what would we talk about? September 9). Our generation is so concerned with how it is being perceived that we have lost our humility and humanity.

We are constantly hiding behind our big designer shades, preoccupied with what people are thinking of us - as we walk, as we stumble, as we're seen with so and so. It is only when one steps out of the UAE that we are reminded that people are more concerned with who we are rather than how we look.

I miss that genuine, laid back friendliness that, these days, you only get from cute old ladies.

Wouldn't it be nice for guests in our country to have real and memorable interactions with local residents and take home some incredible stories to their people?

Ayesha Al Blooshi, Abu Dhabi

I love this piece, so refreshingly honest about how self-absorbed people can be.

I have to say though that there are some wonderful people here who are friendly with the purest of intentions, and I am grateful to call them friends. But, it took me a while to meet them.

As you noted, it is easier abroad. Having grown up in a small town in the US, neighbours, strangers, friends and family alike all greeted each other in passing because it was rude not to.

Fatimah Baeshen, Abu Dhabi

Traffic laws could become a model

With hard work the UAE could become a model for other countries in the Middle East when it comes to traffic safety (Road safety in the region: The fastest way to die, September 10). By reducing speed limits on all roads, and increasing the number of traffic police that patrol these roads, regional states might take notice.

Authorities in the UAE should act now, before another life is lost to reckless and dangerous driving.

James Donato, Dubai

PA should keep its powder dry

I write in reference to your editorial, UN recognition is best course for Palestinians (September 10).

If the Palestinian Authority really wants to be recognised as a non-member state by the UN, they will wait until after the US presidential election on November 6.

Otherwise both candidates will be competing to sound more aggressive on how they would punish the Palestinians.

David Gold, Dubai

New renters need more information

There is only so much that authorities can do to protect renters from unscrupulous real estate agents (The same home was rented to 11 people, September 10).

If authorities came barging into a house they would violate renters' rights. A better solution: establish a central platform so that the public has access to information on properties.

Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh, UK

India has reason to be disappointed

Your article Only 38 per cent say they are happy about country's future (September 11) was alarming. Recent statistics from the Pew Research Centre in Washington DC reveal that only 38 per cent of all Indians are hopeful about the future of their country.

My guess: this is mainly due to high prices, mounting unemployment, and above all, poor administration and lack of political will.

K Ragavan, India

Emirates needs male teachers

What an exciting, encouraging report (Rush of emotions for new male Emirati teacher in Abu Dhabi school, September 10).

The Emirates need many more well-qualified, enthusiastic Emirati men in the teaching profession.

All the best to him.

Ian Robertson, Japan

Exploiting victims of war is horrific

I just want to compliment Hassan Hassan's article about the dangers and exploitation of girls in refugee camps (Online trafficking of Syrian women shames all involved, September 10).

I find the practice absolutely horrific. How can people be so utterly cruel to children? It's beyond me.

Name withheld by request

Vocational classes meet a real need

Vocational education need not be viewed as the inferior alternative to a four-year degree.

Students don't just choose this route because they can't handle university studies.

The truth is, this is where the jobs are in the UAE. Increasing access to vocational education was a wise move.

Rachel Lange. Abu Dhabi