x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

A jolt to coffee drinkers

Retail coffee prices are set to increase across the UAE in response to rising bean prices. Maybe it's time for a nap?

What goes into a good cup of coffee? Apparently weather patterns in South America, among other things. When coffee beans get more expensive because of excessive rainfall in Colombia, for example, shops in the UAE adjust accordingly by passing the costs on to the consumer along with their daily fix.

As The National reports today, retail coffee prices are set to increase across the nation in response to rising bean prices. In the past year, coffee beans have increased in cost by about 35 per cent.

There has been no shortage of commentary, most of it scathing, about the Dh15 cup of coffee at the big cafe franchises. Now agitated consumers are in for another shock: franchise operations like Seattle's Best Coffee, Gloria Jean's and Dunkin' Donuts are raising prices. This might even cut the overall supply of caffeine in circulation.

An analysis of over-the-counter prices and wholesale costs, as provided by our Business section, suggests some inconsistencies in pricing policies. Coffee shops may believe that they have a captive consumer market.

Before bloodshot eyes bulge out of skulls in outrage, consider for a moment. The cut-throat traffic, frenetic exchange of emails and hurly-burly of daily life - perhaps a nap would be nice right about now.