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A fatal combination

Fast cars and young drivers don't mix, a reader says. Other letters cover residential fees, child attachment, falsified CVs, fast food and hypnosis.

A reader calls for young drivers to be educated about the dangers of powerful cars. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police
A reader calls for young drivers to be educated about the dangers of powerful cars. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police

I write about the story Residents locked out in fees dispute (May 22), about the Golden Mile apartments on the Palm Jumeirah.

At last they are doing something about unpaid fees. A five-bedroom penthouse is 465 sq metres, so what do you expect?

I agree that the fees are too high but they need to be paid. If locking people out of car parks gets the owners to pay, then so be it.

Chris Smith, Dubai


Child attachment is not clear-cut

Regarding An unbreakable bond (May 22), attachment theory was developed by John Bowlby in the 1950s and researched by Mary Ainsworth.

Bowlby was interested in distinguishing healthy from unhealthy forms of attachment between parent and child.

Whether he would think that William Sears's "attachment parenting" was healthy or unhealthy is an open question.

In any event, there is a distinction between keeping children close because they are happy that way and desire it, and keeping them close because we feel pain at their maturation and increased desires for independence and choice.

Bowlby evaluated parent-child attachment on a case-by-case basis, and so should we. One size does not fit all.

Martha Pieper, US


On a CV, you can handle the truth


The moral of the editorial Just tell the truth (May 22) was apt and to the point.

The curriculum vitae or personal data sheet of an individual should be accurate in all respects; adding more "flavour" to it to attract potential employers will reflect on the individual adversely.

A CV makes sense only when it portrays the person's abilities and commitments in a sensible and professional manner.

An individual who is committed and has the willingness to take up challenges never wants to project himself pessimistically, but in the long run a dishonest CV might affect his career growth.

There are training programmes available that focus on the preparation of CVs with an emphasis on ethics and values.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Powerful cars and youth a tragic mix

Another young person dies in a car crash (20-year-old's death sparks awareness drive, May 21). Another reason to have compulsory driver education in our schools.

Cora Yanacek, Abu Dhabi

A 20-year -old in a Lexus is a recipe for disaster, and too many young people have powerful cars here.

Until young drivers realise that their powerful car is a potential killing machine, fatal accidents will continue to happen.

J Thompson, Abu Dhabi

Room to improve education system

In reference to Emirati children to stay at school until after Grade 12 (May 22), concurrent with mandating the completion of Grade 12, the whole atmosphere, teaching methodology, and teacher training, qualifications and evaluation must be improved.

Meanwhile, what if some students are unable to complete Grade 12 until they are 28 years old? Or they are unable to handle Grade 12, or are completely bored to the point of rebellion?

Tom Pattillo, Canada

Getting on with the jobs growth

I refer to Digital Domain's special effect on jobs (May 21), about the 500-plus staff who will be employed at the twofour54 media zone in Abu Dhabi.

This is great news for jobless people or those who want a better job. Best of luck to them. Shahid Don, Dubai


Hypnosis is worth exploring

Congratulations to Felicity Campbell for exploring the realms of the mind to get rid of unwanted habits (Right on time with hypnosis, May 21).

As a species, we are just scratching the surface of the power of the mind. In the coming years, alternative therapies will be an equal choice, if not the first choice for healing and rejuvenation.

I hope that, by then, the facilitators will stop charging high prices and bring these remedies within everybody's reach.

Bhawna Verma, Sharjah

Pizza provides food for thought

I refer to The pizza that thinks it's a cheeseburger (May 20). Fast food doesn't have to be bad for you.

Healthier, lower-calorie options are available at many outlets. K Mayne, Dubai