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The UAE's mangroves are nature's lungs and need preserving, a reader says. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
The UAE's mangroves are nature's lungs and need preserving, a reader says. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National

Do more to save the mangroves

Mangroves are nature's lungs and more needs to be done to protect them in the UAE, a reader says.
Other readers warn that the rate at which health costs are rising in the Emirates is unsustainable, while others express concern that the person who recorded a road-rage attack has also been arrested.

Health inflation is unsustainable

Outpatient medical inflation has been running at an average of 26 per cent a year since 2007, according to Daman data in your news story, Daman health insurance shake-up could impact up to half a million UAE expats (July 18).

Wow. How is that sustainable anywhere when wages having been growing at a creep, at best?

Someone has to be getting obscenely wealthy as a result of all this.

Jim Buckingham, Abu Dhabi

I would have to add that a huge misuse of funds occurs (Daman health insurance shake-up could impact up to half a million UAE expats) even more in the current system because patients are forced to see doctors every month to renew prescriptions that they have been on for many years.

This bloats the system's costs for doctors visits and causes the patients unnecessary inconvenience.

I would venture to say that millions of dirhams are wasted in this way, and doctors offices are overbooked constantly to accommodate this huge lack of judgement.

Name withheld by request

Mangroves are nature's lungs

I am not an eco warrior, however I do care about the environment. The mangroves that are found around Abu Dhabi are nature's lungs for keeping the marine life clean and for cleaning the air that we breathe.

Already, there is strong evidence of the marine life close to shore being harmed through dredging and construction. Snorkelling through the channels it is rare to see fish.

Now, we are seeing further destruction of the eastern mangroves for development.

John Bligh, Abu Dhabi


Killing a tragedy for both sides

I was shocked to read your news story Facebook photo led to vicious murder and 15 years in Dubai jail for killer (July 14).

I find it sad that the mentality of these persons lead to this tragedy - for both families.

M Carver, Dubai

Palestinian peace is worth the effort

This is with reference to Kerry returns to Jordan for Mideast peace talks (July 17).

In spite of the Americans' decades-long peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians without any fruitful results, hoping for a breakthrough by the present Secretary of State John Kerry must still be welcomed.

Both Israelis and Palestinians should come wholeheartedly for peace negotiations in order to make the Middle East region peaceful.

K Ragavan, India

Road rage video arrest is shocking

The most shocking thing right now is that the person who made the video (Police make arrest after alleged Dubai assault captured on YouTube. July 16) and posted on YouTube is arrested.

They say it's against cyber crime law, then where was this law when thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube everyday of accidents, fights, racing, drifting etc?

I love UAE and respect the law, but this thing is not right!

Sufi Muhammad Junooni, Sharjah

The video that led to your news story Police make arrest after alleged Dubai assault captured on YouTube is extremely disturbing and humiliating.

No one deserves to be beaten like this in public. This definitely does not reflect the attitudes of most Emirati people. I feel so sad looking at the poor driver's misery.

He was so humble that in the beginning of video, the headgear fell from the official's hand, the driver picked it up and handed it over to him politely, but he didn't stop the beating mercilessly.

I feel very disturbed with this poor driver will spend sleepless nights in humiliation.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

With regard to your story Police make arrest after alleged Dubai assault captured on YouTube, those of us expatriates who are lucky enough to live and work in the UAE know that this is not the norm.

It could happen anywhere in the world. I have found most people I have met here to be kind, polite, thoughtful and respectful.

This is the message to the rest of the world!

Name withheld by request

Tragic death needs law review

With regards to your story Mum who buried baby on Dubai's Jumeirah Public Beach jailed (July 15), how could a country as rich as the UAE let a baby die for the lack of medical treatment? The consequence of jailing mothers for sex out of wedlock is that it pushes people to try to conceal such cases.

I welcome a reform of the law.

Paul Lebrun, Abu Dhabi

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