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Website reveals UAE's top-five most popular personal finance products


When it comes to other people’s money, we are all a little bit nosy. We want to know what credit cards our friends have signed up for, which mortgage they have, and at what rate, and which car loan they have. Some will tell us, others are more secretive, which is why a new list from, the region’s leading price comparison website, allows us to be as nosy as we want.

The website compiled its list of the top-five most viewed financial products across four categories: credit cards, personal loans, home loans and car loans - with Emirates NBD and ADIB taking the leader spot in three out of four of the categories. Products only made the list if they received the most views from visitors to the website.

Ambareen Musa, chief executive of, says: “By visiting the website and then clicking on a particular product, users were given a voice to tell us what they liked,” says Ms Musa. “The list provides banks with a clear idea of how their products are faring in the market place and, more importantly, what financial products consumers are interested in.”

To find out who’s using what, here is the top-five most viewed financial products as voted by users: