Singapore Art Fair set for November
The Singapore Art Fair team includes Laure d’Hauteville, Founder and Fair Director, Jason Ng, Executive Director of the fair, Catherine David an independent curator, Ramin Salsali, Collector and Founder of Salsali Private Museum in Dubai, Jackson See, a Singapore-based private collector, Richard Koh, Artistic Director, South and Southeast Asia and Pascal Odille, Artistic Director, Middle East & North Africa.

Singapore Art Fair set for November


The team behind the successful Beirut Art Fair have announced the dates for their new event, the Singapore Art Fair.

From November 27 to 30, the fair will be hosted at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre and will focus on art and design specifically from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region as well as from the Far East.

The fair will feature 60 galleries from many countries, including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman and 20 solo exhibitions from artists who are presenting their work internationally for the first time.

Founder and director Laure d’Hauteville explains further the significance of the fair in a short interview.

Q: Can you elaborate upon the insight behind devoting this event to ME.NA.SA region?

A: The ties between Middle East, North Africa and Asia can be traced back to the Silk Road era. Through art, their connection has never been as evident as it is today. The region, with its contrasting cultures currently presents many established and emerging artistic talents in the art market. The creative energy and the presence of these increasingly relevant artists within the world scene can be noticed nowadays, not only through the results of auctions and sales, but also through their numerous exhibitions in museums, private foundations, and several international biennials for contemporary art.

Q: Is there room for another art fair in Singapore?

A: We feel that it is the right time and right climate to enter the market now with our expertise in the region's art. We believe that there is room for a dedicated art fair like this as Singapore is culturally diverse and is the ideal cultural gateway between Asia and the Middle East. With its vibrant arts scene, it is a promising market to promote and raise awareness of art – becoming an important arts hub.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with Singapore Art Fair? 

A: Singapore Art Fair aims to promote the best of Middle Eastern, North African and South & Southeast Asian art by introducing emerging artists to the international art scene. It also hopes to create dynamic ties with organisations, companies and individuals with similar objectives and interests and provide a platform for collaboration and networking through symposiums and conferences. Finally, we hope to ignite people's passion in art.

Q: How much of the Beirut Art Fair will be transported to the Singapore Art Fair?

A: Although Singapore Art Fair and Beirut Art Fair feature emerging artists from the region, we aim to create separate identities for both fairs. The idea is not to create a duplicate of what is presented previously at Beirut Art Fair, but rather to build on the same concept and create a new artistic identity that is unique to Singapore.