Training like the cavemen


While you may have thought our prehistoric ancestors' lives were nasty, brutish and short, in actuality your average caveman was probably exceedingly fit.

Participants carry a tyre at Haddins Gym's Primal Fitness course

All that fresh air, chasing their quarry, and a KFC and Twix-free diet meant they were in prime condition. That was until a sabre-toothed tiger got them.

With this in mind, Haddins Gym at Zayed Sports City has been hosting a Primal Fitness course this month, which involves exercising using the kind of activities cavemen would do. So, participants are pushed to breaking point by picking things up, carrying them, dragging, pushing, pulling, climbing and more.

This is combined with a paleo diet programme, where you're banned from eating any food unavailable in ancient times - basically anything but meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

This photo shows a particularly arduous challenge, lifting a giant truck tyre - supposedly representing a buffalo we'd hunted down and now were tasked with carrying it back to our cave - on a 3km route around the sports stadium.

A full report on the sessions will be coming in The National soon.