The YCA: Five of the best
In Transit by Abdulnasser Gharem

The YCA: Five of the best


With Ayyam Gallery's Young Collectors Auction presenting almost 80 works priced between $1,000 and $15,000 we present five of the best lots, as chosen by us.

Lot 11. In Transit by Abdulnasser Gharem

Estimate: $5000-$8000

Abdulnasser is the highest selling living Gulf artist and one of the most important Saudi artists. He is represented by Ayyam Gallery and this limited edition handprinted silkscreen print with white diamond dust on Somerset Tub paper is from his new collection.


Lot 52. Untitled by Mehdi Nabavi

Estimate: $10,000-$15,000

The mirror-covered tank in the centre of the room is bound to draw a lot of attention at the auction. Nabavi is an emerging artist from Iran who takes the ancient Persian tradition of mirror mosaic and imposes it on objects of violence such as bombs and in this case a tank


Lot 59. It's Time by Lara Zankoul

Estimate: $2,000-$4,000

Zankoul was awarded in the Shabab Ayyam Photography Competition in Beirut in 2011 and had her first solo in Ayyam Beirut this year. Her images are whimsical and playful and push against the boundaries of reality


Freedom Graffiti by Tammam Azzam

Lot 45. Freedom Graffiti by Tamman Azzam

Estimate: $4000-$7000

When Azzam produced this image last year it went viral and caused a huge stir on the internet. The superimposition of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss onto a bombed out building, reflects the horrific violence in Syria at the moment and was an image many people could relate to


Lot 20. Red Earth Green Sky by Samia Halaby

Estimate: $2000-$4000

A renowned Palestinian painter and scholar, Halaby was a professor at the Yale School of Art for 10 years and although she remains based in New York she is recognised as the major innovator for abstraction in contemporary Arab art. This piece and one other were created especially for the auction and provide a great opportunity for someone to get their hands on a piece of seminal art from the region.