The Dark Knight Rises tickets go on sale

The Dark Knight Rises tickets go on sale


It may only have been four days, but already the strains are beginning to show. You’ve started fidgeting, being irritable around friends and losing sleep. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And together, we can get through this. With a concerted effort, we can get to Eid without finding out the plot of The Dark Knight Rises.

One thing that is important in the coping method – according to our self-help books – is having an end goal in sight, light at the end of the tunnel to focus on. So why not get your ticket in your end already? Well, Vox Cinemas are already selling tickets to the film’s August 20 screenings.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, The Dark Knight Rises is due to come out over the Eid holiday, which should start around August 16. And if you’re anything like us, or perhaps the 1000-plus name that were added to a petition campaigning against the decision to delay the release, you’ll no doubt be wanting to be the first one through the door of the very first screening over here. That’s all great, but what happens if you can’t a ticket (and there’s likely to be a fair few folk wanting one), and then you go for Monday’s screening only to find that’s booked out as well. Yes, exactly: disaster.

So perhaps consider this a safe bet, a chance to ensure you’re getting to see it earlier than most. And then, if you do get a ticket for the first screenings, you can give it to a dear friend. Or perhaps burn it in front of them while laughing maniacally. Just a thought…

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