Sharjah Art Saturday
Children's Workshop in the Sharjah Art Foundation spaces

Sharjah Art Saturday


Another week, another Saturday and as usual, Sharjah Art Foundation have laid on a series of events for kids and adults, all free of charge and designed to stimulate your creativity.This Saturday, October 5, children aged 12 and above are invited to participate in an all day workshop on filmmaking. Working in teams, young filmmakers work against the clock to plan, storyboard, shoot, act and edit their film.

The mosaic classes for children aged ten and up continue at lunchtime and still life drawing in chalk and pastels for 8-14 year olds, take up the rest of the afternoon

* Make a Film in A Day. 10am-6pm

* Mosaic Workshop. 12.45-2.45pm

* Drawing Still Life. 3.15-5.15pm

Also, to continue the progress of Sharjah Art Foundation's Urban Garden, children are invited to try their hand at gardening. Gardening gives children a chance to learn important life skills. It is also a great way to teach environmental awareness. Participants create garden beds to grow seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers. Each week students will be involved in every step of the process as they learn to care for their garden; water, weed and harvest their crop. They will also add different elements to their garden such as mushrooms, scarecrows, and garden markers.

The first Urban Garden Meeting in SAF spaces

At 4.30pm, the research meeting for the design of the urban garden will continue. Nestled between the recently inaugurated buildings of the SAF Art Spaces, Bait Al Hamdan Bin Mousa, a trace of a former traditional Emirati home, built in the mid twentieth century, serves as the ideal location for SAF Urban Garden.

A series of meetings will be held over the course of the next month to carry out research, design and production. This week is the research stage and then, later on they will cover design, production and will begin production in November. All meetings are free and open to the public.

Finally, at 6.30pm in Building P there will be a screening of Memory, from a PBS TV series called Art in the 21st Century.

Still from the film Memory