Photographic Philanthropy

Photographic Philanthropy


A photographic competition that believes in the power of photography to inspire hope and understanding and to connect people around the world is open for entries from all over the world.

The PhotoPhilanthrophy Activist Awards have been established to emphasise the important role of high quality documentary photography and visual storytelling as a vehicle to create meaningful impact and social change.

They also believe in the shared passion among nonprofit organisations, photographers and the public and actively connect these individuals. The awards identify outstanding work done by photographers in collaboration with nonprofit organizations worldwide, with prizes ranging from US$2,000-$15,000.

PhotoPhilanthropy is also offering for the first time this year a mobile photography award in addition to its traditional professional, amateur, and student category awards for most compelling documentary photography essays completed on behalf of nonprofits.

* Applications are open until November 15 and more information can be found on