New Music Alert: Hear albums by DMX, Aimee Mann and Dave Matthews Band

New Music Alert: Hear albums by DMX, Aimee Mann and Dave Matthews Band


A new week means new music.

A bunch of quality releases are presently streaming online prior to their official release dates.

At National Public Radioís First Listen page, you can hear a new collection by the singer-songwriter Aimee Mann.

Mannís ninth album, Charmer, continues her fine form of marrying subdued pop with razor-sharp descriptions of decaying relationships.

The album features a duet with The Shins frontman James Mercer in the tumultuous Living a Lie.

Other new releases available on the NPR page is Shields by the New Yorkers Grizzly Bear and I Bet on Sky by the American indie-veterans Dinosaur Jr.

All three albums will be officially released on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, on the AOL Music page, you can hear up to 12 new releases.

Standouts includes New York rapper DMXís comeback album Undisputed.

While itís not a major development from his gritty sound, DMX's signature gruff delivery over funk-driven beats by J R Rotem (I Donít Dance) and Swizz Beats (What they Donít Know) makes Undisputed a welcome return.

Also streaming is Away from the World by Dave Matthews Band.

The five-piece soft rockers ditch the grandeur of their previous release, 2009ís Big Whiskey and GrooGrux King, for the simpler playing of early albums.

Fans of their debut, 1994's Under The Table and Dreaming and their breakthrough Crash (2006) will find a lot to to enjoy here.