Green Day unveil their Nuclear Family
Green Day at the 2012 MTV Music Awards in Los Angeles
Steve Granitz Contributor

Green Day unveil their Nuclear Family


Green Day continues to drip feed details of their anticipated ninth album.

The California punk trio released another new track from '°Uno!', the first of a trilogy of albums to be released sporadically over four months.

Nuclear Family, which can be heard here, is a tuneful mid-tempo rocker and is set to become the album opener.

While itís not known whether the link is the songís official video, the clip finds the band performing in a large warehouse.

Nuclear Family is the fourth track heard from what is destined to perhaps become Green Day's most eclectic collection.

The first song release was the slow burning Oh Love, followed by the dancy Kill The DJ and the vintage punk attack that is Let Yourself Go.

'°Uno!' will be out on September 25.