Emirati director Mustafa Abbas on his new film Sunset State
A still from the movie Sunset State. Courtesy Mustafa Abbas.

Emirati director Mustafa Abbas on his new film Sunset State


Mustafa Abbas explains his feelings about showing his new film, Sunset State, at this year's Dubai International Film Festival.

Firstly, Iím very proud that Dubai International Film Festival is celebrating its tenth year. And Iím also proud to be part of it. My first short film 100 Miles had its first screening there in 2007. And now Iím back with Sunset State. A story about two men with troubled pasts who discover they are neighbors.

Making a movie, telling a story is always a fascinating journey. This particular project dives into the minds of these two men and we are basically living in their thoughts and memories, and we can see and feel in detail what they are going through. The two men are from different backgrounds and different times. One is an American novelist and the other is an Emirati college student. We were very particular about how we wanted to tell the diverse stories of these two men.

I wanted the same mood throughout the film, yet different themes for each one so to speak. For instance, the camerawork for John (the novelist) differs than that of Majedís (the student).

We also used the same effect with the color correction.† Yes, the story has to do with life and death. Itís about two men who are suicidal. I would not say the movie is about suicide; I would say itís about human beings and emotions running wild. The movie is not about death; itís about life. Sunset State screens at Vox Cinemas Mall of the Emirates today at 3:15PM. Enjoy, and see you there!

Mustafa Abbas