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Egyptian stand-up comedian Mohamed Salem to perform in Dubai


Egyptian Comedian Mohamed Salem, performs in Dubai tonight. Courtesy: Mohamed Salem

Egyptian stand-up comedian Mohamed Salem, who has performed around the world including at the New York Arab American Comedy Festival and the Dubai International Comedy Festival, is performing in Dubai tonight. He talks to us about what he enjoys about the local comedy scene.

The Alexandria native, who aspires to reach the same level of success as Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy, says comedy is not just about telling short jokes, but rather is an important form of storytelling. “My style is observational clean comedy, where I avoid explicit language, religion and sexual references, a bit like one of my idols Jerry Seinfeld. I draw people in to what I’m saying rather than depend on being loud or overacting,” he says. “A wise man once said ‘The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think’.”

Salem, is performing alongside local comedians Jamil Abu Wardeh and Ali Al Sayed, as part of Dubomedy’s 5th anniversary Comedia 3al Wagef (Comedy standing up)

“Dubai's stand-up comedy scene has been growing very fast over the past couple of years, so I’m very excited to be here and perform,” he says. “Each time I go on stage in a new country I get inspired. I even get material from interacting with the people in that country, and that's what makes my material original.”

Comedian Mohamed Salem, says Dubai's comedy scene is "growing very fast". Courtesy: Mohamed Salem

Salem, will also be making appearances across the Middle East, and new shows will be announced through his website  

“What a lot of people don't know is that Dubai-based producer and writer Jamil Abu-Wardeh, is the one who started it all across the Middle East. He recently launched a regional website called which acts as an information platform on the regional stand-up comedy scene,” said Salem.

Mohamed Salem performs tonight at Reem al Bawadi Dubai Marina, at 8.30pm. For ticket details call 050 440 0994 or