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Dubai's electronic duo Tacit, to perform with dazzling aerial artists

  |  January 24, 2013

Tacit. Photo by Kelly Brbich
Tacit. Photo by Kelly Brbich

Tacit. Photo by Kelly Brbich

Described as Dubai's hottest new electronic duo, is the eclectic collaboration between Aaron Kim and Yasser Anderson, who aim to break down traditional music boundaries. They will perform live during a special show featuring aerialists performers on 28 January at The Fridge, Dubai.Aaron Kim and Yasser Anderson, joined forces in the summer of 2012, while both were involved in the local music scene “We both had a strong concept of what we wanted the end product to sound like or even more precisely 'not sound like,' and cardinally neither of us felt the pinch to compromise on that vision,” says Anderson The duo say, they experiment with the most cutting-edge software in the rapidly evolving genres of bass and post-dubstep. Kim uses mainly analogue equipment while Anderson, focuses on Digital. During the upcoming performance at The Fridge, Tacit, will also incorporate live improvisation making each sound “organically different every time”. They promise “harmonious, atmospheric, electronic tracks, leaning away from abrasive and aggressive dance numbers. Sounds like: Ifan Dafydd, S-Fly, Gang Colours, Disclosure”.

Tacit. Photo by Kelly Brbich

It was The Fridge, which came up with the idea of including aerialists in the performance, in keeping with the spirit of the Concert Series and encouraging originality in artists. “From our vantage point it has been interesting to watch these highly-skilled aerialists add a visual partnering to our sound and vice-versa, I am a large fan of contemporary dance and have found dance to be highly inspirational,” says Anderson. The five aerialists are from Mongolia, Colombia, Spain, Russia and Brasil, so expect varied aerial stunts, stunning aerial silk and less common elements such as straps, hammock, loops and as yet to be revealed surprises.

The aerialists will use stunning silk, straps, hammock, loops and other surprises

The name ‘Tacit’ which in musical terms is Latin for ‘it is silent’, was recommended by Kim. “It indicates that an instrument or voice does not sound. That coupled with the English meaning's for Tacit; understood, unexpressed, silent, allusive, gave us the name,” says Anderson. “My father had always told me ‘appreciate the space between the notes it's usually more important than the notes themselves’ to ensure that the songs can breathe.” Tacit, believe now is the best time “to be a musician in the Middle East, we are the first generation to see a dramatic change in the music industry worldwide...” However, despite the steady growth of the local music scene, it remains “unclear” they say, if Dubai will take the step to ensure the best local acts support the numerous international artists that are brought in, “and whether publishing, licences etc will match that of Europe and the U.S giving the local talent a foundation to stand on.”

Tacit performs 28 January at The Fridge, Dubai. Doors open 7:30pm. Tickets cost Dh50. Visit: www.thefridgedubai.com