Dubai Color walking around Zabeel Park

Dubai Color walking around Zabeel Park


I started the day with a pristine white Adidas top and ended it covered in an amazing rainbow of coloured powder that caked itself on to every surface - including the insides of my ears, the front of my sunglasses and the shoelaces of my trainers.

The Color Walk, the UAE's answer to the phenomenon that started sweeping the globe last year, attracted hundreds to Zabeel Park on Friday afternoon to get showered in purple, pink, green, blue and yellow. The 5K walk was mainly an event to encourage health and wellness, but the real draw was the chance to unabashedly pelt strangers.

I'm not sure I'll ever get the pink splotch on the inside of my arm off or if the interior of my car will ever be truly clean again, but it was worth it.

And never fear if you missed this one. The Color Run, a similar event, comes to Dubai on December 13.

Jen Thomas