Dubai International Film Festival 2012: Red Carpet Treats

Dubai International Film Festival 2012: Red Carpet Treats


In case you haven't already heard, the 9th Dubai International Film Festival sprang into action last night with the usual red carpetted song and dance affair in the Madinat Arena.

As anticipated, much of the cheers and camera flashes were - quite rightly - reserved for the stars of Life of Pi, the opening film, along with some of the big names in attendance, especially Cate Blanchett and Freida Pinto.

But as some regular festival goers have come to expect, there were some other treats on display from red carpet walkers who dared to dress a little more elaborately.

Among those who caught the eye was a lady covered almost entirely in sparkling gold, right down to her sparkling gold shoes. Another had come in a red outfit that looked something you might find hanging off a Christmas tree (seasonal, I suppose). Several had thrown caution to the wind (which, thankfully, was behaving itself) by going for rather billowing dresses.

On the gents side of the fashion stakes, things were a little bit more restrained, perhaps with the exception of one, who wore a kilt.