Angolan death metallers looking for DIFF assistance
The Angolan thrash metal group Before Crush, whose lead singer Ladino is hoping to visit Dubai for the premiere of Death Metal Angola. Credit: Jeremy Xido

Angolan death metallers looking for DIFF assistance


It might not be the biggest name coming, but arguably the most excitingly-entitled film appearing at this year’s Dubai International Film Festival is Death Metal Angola, which has the equally awesome tagline ‘The hardest hardcore is Angolan hardcore’. And if you’re excited as we are about seeing this documentary, you might also be interested in helping out so some of its stars can get over here for the premiere.

In case you weren’t already aware, Angola is the ‘epicentre of the African hardcore music scene’, and the film follows the attempts to put on its first ever national rock concert, ‘bringing together for the first time the best and the brightest in Angolan hardcore death metal, thrash metal and melodic death-core’.

According to the film’s director Jeremy Xido, many of the musicians in the documentary – including Yuri Almeida, the founder of the Angolan Association of Rock, and Ladino, the lead singer of Before Crush and considered Angola’s best hardcore vocalist – are looking to visit Dubai, where it’s having its world premiere, and are looking for spare rooms or even financial help towards visas and plane costs.

“They’re a determined and tough lot, so I’m pretty confident at least some of them will make it,” he says.

If you’d like to help out and perhaps add ‘the time you put up a group of Angolan thrash metallers in the spare room’ to your list of dinner party anecdotes, email Jeremy at