Try your hand at filmmaking in Dubai with 48 Hour Film Project
A still from Ajman, The National's ill-fated entry to last year's 48 Hour Film Project

Try your hand at filmmaking in Dubai with 48 Hour Film Project


You may remember last year's inaugural Dubai 48 Hour Film Project, the competition that gave "filmmakers" (and I'll use that term loosely because I was involved), the chance to put to put together a short film in just one weekend. You may even remember The National's attempt to enter, although it's unlikely you ever got to see our finished product, a science fiction set in Ajman (it was, somewhat amusingly, banned from the screening).

Anyway, the competition is returning this November 1-3 and anyone wanting to have a go (which we heartily recommend) needs to register.

In a nutshell, the competition which now spans some 115 cities across the world sees teams given a genre, a character, a line of dialogue and a prop to use on the Thursday evening. And by Saturday evening, they need to return the finished film. There are obviously more rules involved, so go to to find out more and sign up.

It's a whole lot of fun and one of the most amusing ways to spend a weekend. Some competitors take it more seriously than others (and you might imagine, we didn't), but even if you don't fancy yourself the next Tarantino it's still definitely something to be a part of. Just don't mention Ajman.