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Any point of buying BlackBerrys now?

  |  September 19, 2013

The ultimate instant messaging application, Blackberry messenger (BBM) will be available on Android and Apple's iOS7 from this weekend.

For many, BBM was the only reason to bother getting a BlackBerry device. Free, safe and secure messaging, anywhere in the world.

For Blackberry users in the UAE, the latest version of BBM is horrendously limited, without the ability to make video or voip calls like our counterparts elsewhere in the world. But downloading BBM on Android and iOS won't have such restrictions, (that is if they don't attempt to block it, in which case you can download it abroad and use it freely when you're back in the country).

How this will all play out for BlackBerry sales remains to be seen. There is talk of spinning off BBM as a separate business, which is a pretty viable option given the popularity and rise of instant messaging apps.