Best photography from around the region this week: November 29, 2012

  • A Palestinian school girl appears through a hole in a wall in a Gaza city damaged school. Mahmud Hams / AFP Photo
  • Palestinian woman walks past as Hamas policemen sit atop their destroyed headquarters in Gaza. Mohammed Salem / Reuters
  • Part of the Gaza Strip is seen in the background as an Israeli man fishes in the Mediterranean sea at Zikim beach, near Ashkelon. Amir Cohen / Reuters
  • Palestinian men attend the Friday prayer at the historic Al-Omari Mosque in Gaza City. Marco Longari / AFP Photo
  • Iranian Shiite Muslims beat their chests after rubbing mud on their body, during the ritual to mark the Ashura religious ceremony in the city of Khorramabad. Behrouz Mehri / AFP Photo
  • Pakistani Shiite Muslim men flagellate themselves during a Muharram procession in Islamabad, ahead of Ashura. Faisal Mahmood / Reuters
  • Pakistani brick factory worker pulls a donkey laden with bricks on the outskirts of Islamabad. Muhammed Muheisen / AP Photo
  • Man chews qat, a mild stimulant, as he rests next to a closed store at a market place in the Old Sanaa city. Khaled Abdullah / Reuters
  • A boy's silhouette is seen through a kite he carries to sell on Nadir Khan hill in Kabul. Mohammad Ismail / Reuters
  • Worshipers are seen through a hole during a visit to the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City. Marko Djurica / Reuters
  • Egyptian protesters chant slogans at rally against Egypt's president, in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Khalil Hamra / AP Photo
  • Egyptian activists carry the coffin of Gaber Salah, an activist who died after he was critically injured in clashes near Cairo's Tahrir Square last week. Gianluigi Geurcia / AFP Photo
  • An Egyptian man walks over a graffiti reading 'get out Morsi' at Egypt's landmark Tahrir square in Cairo. Mahmoud Khaled / AFP Photo

Some of the best images of the last seven days from around the Gulf and across the Middle East.