Working online has me thinking about the whole package


After spending a few months training in the multimedia section, I transitioned into the online section where I thought all I would do what put articles on the website. Well, I did have to put articles and pictures on the online site, yet what I didn't know was how many steps had to go into each addition.

First, I was taught the basics, which I'm not sure I know how to explain in words. In short, how to start a new article on the program we use, and then how to add codes that make it easier for others to find. I was then taught how to add in a summary that describes what the piece is about, and then how to add keywords to help make the articles more searchable.

Throughout the first few days, I was confused as there were many steps to follow. I didn't have enough time to take down notes, so I had to use my memory, which isn't very helpful. I started taking down notes as I took care of certain projects, making my life much easier. That way, I could monitor my steps to see what I cam doing, and know what needs improving.

I was mainly in charge of looking into foreign news, and upload the interesting and prominent ones on to the website. Other than gaining online skills, I was obliged to read about world news, which I usually skimmed through.

After two weeks, I am finally confident enough to look throughout articles and edit them. I am also able to put an entire package on the website on my own. A package is an article, along with a picture to go with it, attach a few related stories to them so viewers can get more information, and possibly adding a video or map to it.

I am still in the learning process, and I am sure it will only get trickier, but that only means more excitement for me. Looking into the online world truly showed me how to appreciate the editors behind it, as it is not as easy as clicking a button on the mouse.

It takes much more than organising a few codes and hitting the publish button, and I am glad I was able to take a look into that world.

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