Travelling to a new destination next week


While navigating through The Guardian and The Telegraph in an attempt to find a good topic for my blog, I came across their travel sections where they showcased top destinations and tips for travelling, which reminded me to pack for my new destination.

Currently, I am a passenger on the national desk, but next week, I am going to travel to the photography section where I will be learning how to shoot professional photographs.

My experience at The National has so far been similar to that of a traveller: discovering new lands in Abu Dhabi, expanding the horizon of knowledge and getting an insight into new culture and people in the newsroom.

For the past three months, I have been a guest in the news section. The overall experience is indescribable.

Zainab Al Hassani, who sits to the right of me, makes me laugh when she fails to get in touch with her sources. Sometimes, organizations put her in a long process till they allow her to interview the right person.

Jennifer Bell, who sits left to me, amazes me with her hard work. I could always hear her keyboard's tap-tap sound. She would sometimes turn to me for help, which made me feel over the moon.

I have seen Emily Cleland, who sits opposite me, struggling with her sources who speak only Arabic. But she never gives up. She worked hard to file her story on time. Watching her sighing after a tough day was worth it.

As for my university colleagues, Ayesha Al Khoori and Ayesha Al Mazroui, who have been mothering me and taking care of my well-being have been a great source of inspiration and desperation (when they annoy me sometimes).

I will twist the words of the great scholar and poet Imam As-Shafi to fit my situation before I bid goodbye to the news section:

Leaving my current destination in search of loftiness

For in travel, there are five benefits: relief of adversity, earning of livelihood, knowledge, etiquette and noble companionship.

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