The road to contrition


My previous blog hit a record for controversy at The National, with many critical tweets, comments and even some calls for it to be taken down off the website. In part, my message was lost.

The point of my blog was to show that teenagers and even young men who get fast cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis will surely not be able to handle such a car nor will they be able to control the vehicle.

Lowering the age limit, allowing teenagers to get their licence at 16, might actually be a bad idea. Adding my personal experiences was supposed to add to the story of why teenagers should not be given the responsibility of driving, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

I make mistakes like all young people, but I am trying to learn from those mistakes.

My family is always asking me to be more careful on the road, and every family member would do the same. With the rate of road accidents and death, who can† blame them? Again, in my previous post I mentioned how it made me feel liberated to speed. That does not mean I do it all day.

But I am merely being honest about the inner feelings of a lot of young people when it comes to cars and driving, and the reaction only underscores that no one has ever articulated this.

I certainly did not mean to hurt anyone, either by driving like a maniac or by being insensitive towards others by writing my opinion in a blog post. Nor do I encourage negative behavior or justify mine.

So, yes, I may think I have control over the car, but that might not always be the case. To prove that, my next assignment is a safety course at the Yas Marina Circuit, where Abu Dhabi Police and the managers of the track are seeking to reach people just like me to highlight the dangers of driving. Iíll report all about it.

Thanks for your comments, which though tough, were appreciated. And do keep reading.

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