Thank you Mawaqif for ruining my day

Thank you Mawaqif for ruining my day


For most employees, the 26th of every month is a special day because it is payday. As a new employee, I was waiting patiently to receive my first salary and couldn't wait to surprise my family with gifts.

This special day started with enthusiasm and ended up in disappointment.

I set out in the morning to interview travel agencies for my upcoming piece. I went to Etihad Airways in Al Wahda Mall and I could barely get the information I needed. I was fine with it because I have become used to companies being uncooperative with the newspaper.

After the interview, I went off happily looking for an ATM. I could not find my bank anywhere in the mall, which was surprising. I asked the security guard and he said to go the new extension building.

When I got there, I saw my best friend whom I haven't seen in five years. You can imagine the scene of two friends meeting after such a long time. Both of us called the other's name in excitement, our facial expressions speaking louder than our words.

When we realised the security guard was watching us, we calmed down after a few minutes and I invited her for lunch. I also told her enthusiastically: "Shaima, I got my salary today, so today is my treat." She smiled.

I went to the bank, inserted my card and pressed Dh1000. To my amazement, I had exactly one dirham in my account. I tried few times, and the same thing happened. It turns out the company did not have all of my bank information and never deposited my salary.

I returned to my friend and told her the story. She cracked up and said I haven't changed even after all these years. We spent some times together talking and laughing.

When I left the mall, I was happy. But, all that happiness was snatched away in a second. I got a violation that cost dh300 for parking in an illegal spot. I did not know it was illegal because there was no sign. Now I know that the yellow colour on the kerb signifies it is "illegal". You might be wondering "who gave her the driving license"?

It seems like I will be paying off fines with my first salary, Great! Next time, I need to be more careful.

Thank you Mawaqif for your efforts, I appreciate it!

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