Passionate about passion


Iím often surprised by how few people I meet with hobbies, and passions. Thatís not to say I donít meet many people with interests Ė I do. And itís always refreshing.

Iíve been a man with many passions - writing music, poetry, short stories and other creative endeavours has always been my thing. I have an unquenchable thirst to create, to express and to excel at doing so.

On the other hand, I canít stand sport. I absolutely hate Ďfeeling the burní and I never ever exercise. I do enjoy playing football, but I rarely get the time to. I have to balance work, my passions and my personal life otherwise all will suffer. Iím a firm believer balance and if youíre ticking the boxes on all fronts, youíll reach an almost nirvana like state of satisfaction.

So, sorry sport Ė thereís just no time.

I do meet sports enthusiasts, those who throw themselves into tackles and touchdowns with childlike glee. Some live and breathe sport. While I may not relate on a topical level, I can relate to that passion Ė and I respect it. Sport requires a completely different skill set from the arts, but both require discipline, perspective and ambition.

Then thereís mountain climbers, adventurers, travellers, charity volunteers Ė all sorts of people with passions. There are people out there with myriad obscure, fascinating, colourful, wonderful passions. I bet thereís people out there passionate about passion fruit, and passionate about passion-themed fashion. I really do meet a lot. And it always inspires me to be even more devoted to my own work.

Then you have hobbies Ė when Iím on my own and need to kill some time I like to watch films. Iím a huge film geek. Other than that, I like very particular video games and a few post-Sopranos TV shows. But those things come last for me.

For every person I meet with passions, I seem to meet 10 times more without. I find it so strange. Even friends of mine who donít write or play music have a point of view on it, at least. But other people I meet donít care either way. They just go to work, go home, have their social life, exist and sleep.

If thatís fulfilling for them Ė fair enough. Maybe their relationships, or their work, are their passions. I can't knock that.

But can anyone truly live a rich life without even one passion? Without that one thing they wish they could be the best in the world at?

I, for one, couldnít.

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