Mother's Day is exhausting


I am a journalist and I like criticising and criticism.

I find it  amusing that each year, a new "something day" is introduced to the world. In America, in 1908, the first Mother's Day was celebrated. In 1909, the first International Women's Day was celebrated and in 1910, Father's Day was inaugurated.

By the time we get to 2050, the world will be celebrating Son's Day, Sister's Day, Husband's Day, Uncle's Day and the list goes on.

But I assure you, you will never witness "Wife's Day". The thought of making a special day for wives would never cross advertisers' minds. You know why? Because advertisers are often men with wives.  If America ever created a special day for wives, most men would go bankrupt. Double standard, right?

I wonder sometimes why there isn't an Enemies Day? Our enemies exceed our loved ones in one area – their sincerity in continuously hating us. They always hate us (unless one party tries to reconcile) and there are no pretentions. At least our enemies let us know how they feel to our faces, instead of behind our backs, like some loved ones.

The other day, I was on my way to the Corniche. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I saw a poster for a necklace that was engraved with "My Mother" in Arabic. It cost around Dh999.

Have you thought why advertisers would put such posters next to traffic lights? Because we all tend to turn left or right while waiting, so we are exposed to their aggressive message. How does a person ignore a sign like that with her mother in the car?

What I find silly is not Mother's Day itself, but the people who spend huge sums to buy a necklace engraved  with "My Mother".  Giving mothers a piece of jewellery does not mean one truly loves her.

People should appreciate and cherish their mothers and loved ones every day. Even if we were to buy the entire world for our mothers, we could never repay them.

Some people are abandoned by their mothers and others lose their mothers. How do they celebrate? Advertisers and commercial companies only want to make money, nothing more. So save your money and do not celebrate such exhausting day. Instead, appreciate her every day.

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