Groceries are back on the menu


My favourite grocery store shut down for ten days, giving my family no choice but to hit the crowded supermarkets. Thankfully though, it’s coming back!

My father gave me the good news – in an effort to comply with FCA rules our local dukhan would renovate and merge with the shop next to it. Even better! Now, we will get an even bigger variety of products, and there will be fruits and vegetables on sale as well – as per the FCA rules.

I visited the two stores with a colleague, Emily Cleland, to interview the owners to see how they felt about the merge.

The shock on their faces when they saw me of all people asking them questions and then translating them to Emily. One of them was surprised I was even old enough to have such a job, but he was very happy it was me interviewing him.

The owners were very happy about the merger, which means they no longer have to return to their homelands. The merge secured their jobs, and that gave them hope. To see their joy made me very happy – I now know I will not be losing that part of my family.

While interviewing them, they kept using my family as an example of their regular customers, which made me laugh as I realised how annoying we could be to them.

He said they would deliver to our house more than any other – making up to five deliveries daily. That, of course, will have to change – I don’t want to lose them again because of how “needy” we are.

Needless to say, I’m glad they are back and that they are delivering their goods once again.

Instead of having to hit the supermarket everyday and have to wait an hour in line to pay for some bread and milk, they will now provide the service and do so in less than 10 minutes (and, that, I can guarantee!).

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