Emirati journalism: first I asked the questions, now I have the answers


About this time last year, I had just started a work experience placement at The National as part of my graduation process with Zayed University.

Little did I know I would one day be returning to address the universityís career fair as a fully-fledged reporter, but thatís exactly what happened yesterday.

Itís funny how things can change in just a few months.

As part of the career fair Asmaa Al Hameli and I gave a presentation on the traineeship programme we are taking part in.

We answered questions regarding our experiences in the newsroom, the people we work with, and the jobs we do.

Though our presentation was brief, the students showed a keen interest in learning more. That gave me a special feeling as not so long ago I was the one asking the questions.

Afterwards we headed to the Abu Dhabi Media booth and were surprised at how many students enquired about the traineeship scheme after seeing our work in print.

That also gave me a special feeling. A feeling that I had accomplished something. I have a long way to go in inspiring more Emiratis to take up journalism, but after the career fair, I feel Iíve taken the first steps.

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