A wild ride with a colleague


Last week, my colleagues went to pay a visit to one of The National's reporters. We were in the company of Rym Ghazal, a senior features writer. Rym has been energetic since the day I met her, so I was a little worried for my life when she asked us to go in her car. It was so kind of her, of course, but then again, her energy level was quite high that day. I had confidence in Rym's driving and set out for the adventurous journey.

Once she started her car, the thrill began. Throughout the journey, we were laughing hysterically upon hearing Rym's stories about this and that. We had to remind  her to focus on her driving in the middle of all the laughing because she swerved after almost missing a turn-off.

We arrived safely and we were about to enter our other colleague's apartment. Behold! Rym disappeared suddenly. When we looked back, we saw her pulling out a white plastic plate and some cat food to feed  two cats next to the apartment.

The scene was shocking to me because I have never witnessed anyone carrying plates and food to better serve these beautiful creatures. I was touched by her kindness and mercy toward those little kitties.

I do like pets, but I have never showed that through my actions, now that I think of it. Rym's reaction motivated me to follow in her  footsteps and made me realise how little attention I pay to animals.

I do not think I want to carry cat food with me all the time because when it comes to food I don't trust myself much, I have a big appetite. When riding to work, I always see little birds in our neighborhood. I should start feeding them so they are well fed (and I am happy).

Sometimes you think you know a person well,  but fail to understand her personality fully. On the other hand, you come across people whom you have recently met and get to witness the beauty of their character and get inspired. Certainly, no human is perfect, but the problem is that too often we are too busy  finding flaws in others that we fail to see their goodness.

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