Poptastic furniture that'll brighten up your day

Poptastic furniture that'll brighten up your day


In last weekend's edition of House & Home, we introduced you to the fabulous pop artist Maria Iqbal. Iqbal, who was born in Afghanistan and raised in Dubai, went on to spend ten years working in advertising in the US and India. But, recognising that the advertising industry would never give her the kind of creative fulfillment she was looking for, last year Iqbal packed in her job, returned to the UAE and launched the Maria Iqbal furniture and accessories brand. You go girl!

Iqbal's furniture, cushions and bags scream of her love of pop culture, whether it's Hindi films, HBO TV shows or fashion mags. They are fun, fun, fun.

In case you were hankering to see more of her work, we've picked out a few of our favourite pieces for you.

The Pinferno Chair by Dubai-based pop artist Maria Iqbal.

The Pinferno chair is one of Iqbal's favourite pieces. All of her furniture is decorated by hand.

A cushion by Maria Iqbal.

Iqbal's cushions reveal her love of colour and pop art motifs.

Maria Iqbal's Punkture chair.

The playful Punkture chair is adorned with an oversized moustache, one of Iqbal's signature motifs.

A cushion by Maria Iqbal.

Iqbal also custom designs items for her clients. "Some people might want me to tone it down," she says. "And that's fine. As long as I feel like I am doing something that's me, I can take it up or down a notch."

A skull cushion by Maria Iqbal.

Skulls also feature prominently in Iqbal's work, which she says is influenced by blogs, gossip sites, magazines, TV shows and fashion illustrations.

Contact Maria Iqbal on mxiqba5@gmail.com or 050 956 2520.

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