Inside an Asian-themed holiday home in Anguilla
The property consists of a series of individual compounds set around a pool, in traditional Balinese style. All images courtesy Michael Wilson

Inside an Asian-themed holiday home in Anguilla


This Friday’s House & Home section features a fabulous Caribbean getaway belonging to American couple Melody and Jon Dill.

The Dills had been visiting Anguilla in the British West Indies for 20 years before they started construction of their stunning, four-bedroom holiday home. They were very clear about what they wanted – their new home had to be walking distance from the beach, have expansive sea views, allow for both interior and exterior living, and offer a tropical ambience.

The couple worked closely with international design firm Wilson Associates to create a home that was inspired by the Fregate Island resort in the Seychelles.

“We wanted an Asian tropical style, in particular Balinese, which is usually a compound of buildings and not a home under one roof,” says Melody.

In order to achieve the desired ‘tropical Asian style’, the design team favoured dark mahogany, teak and Ipe woods, and natural materials such as woven seagrass, linen sheers and cotton throws. Artwork came from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Borneo and the Solomon Islands, and accessories consisted of momentoes that the couple had picked up during their extensive travels over the years.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Dill’s holiday home:

Sea views from the Dill's holiday home

The couple was adamant that their holiday home would be within walking distance from the beach and offer expansive sea views.

The Dills' master bedroom

To recreate a tropical Asian style, the design team opted for dark woods and natural materials.

Art and accessories in the Dill Home

The house is decorated with items that the Dills collected during their extensive travels around the world.

For more pictures and details on this interior, see tomorrow’s (August 3) edition of Weekend.

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