Designer floor fillers from The Rug Company
Chromograph by Kelly Wearstler

Designer floor fillers from The Rug Company


There's nothing like a good rug to finish off an interior. You can use them to define areas, break up open-plan spaces, introduce colour or pattern into a neutral scheme, or warm up a minimal interior. The problem is, finding decent rugs in the UAE can be a bit of a challenge. There's plenty of the beautifully intricate Persian variety around and, at the other end of the spectrum, lots of beige shag pile to be had, but if you're looking for something a little bit different, it can be a struggle.

That's why we're loving these new additions to The Rug Company's Designer Collection so much. Textile designer Neisha Crosland and Kelly Wearstler, the so-called "presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design", have both added to their existing collections for The Rug Company, and here's what they've come up with:

Serpent by Kelly Wearstler for The Rug Company

Kelly Wearstler's Serpent is inspired by the designer's love of pattern and form in nature and presents a twist on classic snakeskin motifs.

Ombre by Kelly Wearstler for the Rug Company

Wearstler's Ombre features subtle tonal variations of a sunset palette.

Hedgehog Sea by Neisha Crosland for The Rug Company

Textile designer Neisha Crossland's three new creations for The Rug Company feature her modern geometric style in muted colours. All are hand knotted using Tibetan wool and silk yarns. For Hedgehog, she arranged spokes into gently undulating waves.

Zebra Gold by Neisha Crosland for The Rug Company

"Zebra is the beginning of a continual fascination of what can be done with the arrangement and repetition of simple shapes - it is what I like to think of as a 'witty geometric'. The repetition of the triangle motif creates a sharp Z across the pattern, and reminds me of the petit of an exotic African animal thus the name Zebra," says Crosland of her Zebra rug.

 Zebra Pale by Neisha Crosland for The Rug Company

Crosland has also created this paler version of Zebra.


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